Merci, Dan Poeppelman (Columbus Stompers), pour la création de logos et dangles pour ces dernières années. Thank you, Dan Poeppelman (Columbus Stompers) for designing logos and dangles for the past several years.

Merci, Dru Van Doren... Thank you, Dru Van Doren (The Rocky Mountain Sway) for designing the Louisville Hoedown logo.

au tous les bénévoles du rassemblement, sans eux cet événement serait impossible. Thank you, all our convention volunteers, without whose help this hoedown and convention would not be possible.

à tous ceux et celles qui ont parrainé le Rassemblement de The Louisville Hoedown:


Our Miami donors (individuals who donated during our effort in Miami to cover expenses, rebuild our reserves to provide down payments for upcoming events, and replenish our contingency funds):

[IN RANDOM ORDER]: Collin Siu, Citabria Phillips, Gregory Fauria, Scott Roewer, Michael Shettel, Patrick Schreier, Jill Kolodin, Curtis Tutt, George La Bella, Mike Portzer, Lipsky, Terry Chasteen, David Schultz, Bradley Erickson, Orlando Gonzalez, Olivier Sorin, John Pogue, Brian King, Matt Eddy, Joseph Winkler, Gail Zacharias, Glenn Hayataka, Jim Fauntleroy, Andrew Moreno, Chris Bowers, Bob Lyons, Will Gray, Daniel Barutta, Ruth Ewing, Susan Galvin, Charlie Monroe, Ronnie Quill, John Huebler, Rick Frank, Bradley Barrus, Michael Stevens, Keith Macaluso, Richard Sheftman, James Rosenheim, Keith Manning, Nikhil Shahi, Aaron Brosier, Cullen Ruff, Anthony Fay, Anthony Galven, John Huebler, Chris Dalen, Dru Van Doren, Joan McDonough, Rob Ollander-Krane, Frank Ift, Donald Rider, Julie Kinnett, Stephen Genser, Anonymous, Klint Kendrick, Solomon Singer, Nathanael Rosenheim, Reuben Chong, Meredith Stead, Scott Schrank, Croft Vaughn, Kendall Watts, Tamar Myers, Jon Lee, Elizabeth Caruso, Deron Pardue, Alan Gaudet

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