The 21st Annual IAGLCWDC Championship Dance Competition
Saturday, 7 July 2018 - Couples Competition

Règlements et procédures

Photo courtesy of Mein Samala
Photo courtesy of Mein Samala

Rules and Procedures

Photo courtesy of Mein Samala
Photo courtesy of Mein Samala
  • The rules for this couples competition shall be the IAGLCWDC Couples Dance Competition Rules.
  • The English version of the rules is the official version.
  • Each couple is responsible for being in the staging area and reporting to their couples coordinator ten (10) minutes prior to their scheduled performance time for competition. Couples missing their announced or scheduled time will not be guaranteed an alternate time.
  • Heats will be evenly divided to allow a maximum of eight (8) couples at a time.
  • Selected music will be played for one and one half minutes (90 seconds).
  • Single dance placement sheets will be made available to the competitors only, after the Awards presentation. There shall be no critique sheets provided to competitors.
  • Attendance at the Competitor's Meeting just prior to competition is vital.
  • Required attire shall be in accordance with IAGLCWDC Couples Dance Competition Rules and must be adhered to.
  • Leads will be required to wear a three-digit number printed on a half-sheet of paper that is safety-pinned at its four corners to the back of the shirt (or optionally to the seat of the pants). Please plan your costumes accordingly.
  • Check the rules carefully for BPM ranges for each dance.
  • Extra time is not guaranteed for costume changes.
  • Dances will be judged using the Skating System.

Catégories et leurs divisions

Étant une compétition de championnat, toutes les catégories et leurs divisions définies dans les règlements seront offertes.
  • Catégorie ouverte


Because this is a Championship Competition, all categories defined in the Rules will be offered.
  • The Showdance Category
    • Replaces the old Open Category.
    • Is a single dance category with no levels of proficiency.
    • May use any of the seven (7) dances offered (two step, waltz, east coast swing, west coast swing, polka, cha cha, and night club) or as a medley of more than one dance.
  • Just Dance Category
    • Just Two-Step, Just Waltz, Just East Coast Swing, Just West Coast Swing, Just Polka, Just Cha Cha, and Just Night Club
  • Pat & Chris Category


  • Tous les compétiteurs seront reconnus lors de la cérémonie de remise des prix, toutefois, seuls les prix décernés seront annoncés.
  • Dans les divisions ouvertes
    • Il y aura des prix décernés aux trois (3) premiers couples dans chaque danse.


  • All competitors shall be recognized at the awards ceremony, however only the awards given shall be announced.
  • In the Showdance and Just Dance Categories
    • There shall be awards given to the top three (3) couples in each dance.



  • Showdance
    • Couples select their own music.
  • Just Dance
    • Music will be selected by the Competition Director in conjunction with the Music Director.
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Lee Fox

Directeur du Championnat
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Lee Fox

Competition Director

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