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The Houston Hoedown
Kevin Cornett

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Kevin Cornett Kevin Cornett

Couples, Line Dance

Kevin Cornett's website:
mailto:dancewme69@yahoo.com opens in new tab/window

Workshops taught by Kevin Cornett:

Kevin began dancing when he was in college. His competition dance team competed in the Fun Country and UCWDC dance circuits.

In 2001, he and his dance partner took 4th in Div 4 at the UCWDC Worlds Dance Competition and 4th in Regional Dance with their Night Club Twostep.

Kevin's teaching career includes teaching in dance halls, clubs, dance studios, university class, and private dance groups, teaching country, ballroom, latin, and swing.

He has worked with some of the top names in country and swing, such as Robert Royston, Michael Kielbasa, Beatta Howe, Ronne Debenedetta and Rowdy DuFrene.

He has competed in teams, line dance, and couples divisions IV, III and II in both UCWDC and ACDA dance circuits.