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How To Sponsor

Because the IAGLCWDC is a Charitable Non-Profit Corporation under the provisions of Paragraph 501(c)(3) of the U.S. Internal Revenue Code, all sponsorship contributions by U.S. donors may be tax deductible. Please consult your tax professional regarding the deductibility of your particular contribution.

When you support the IAGLCWDC and its charitable beneficiaries by becoming a sponsor, you demonstrate your commitment to the community in a way that generates very positive visibility for your business or organization.

If you or your business wish to become a sponsor of The Houston Hoedown or The IAGLCWDC please contact these persons as indicated for full information:

Sponsor The Houston Hoedown
Jim Chakeres
Jim Chakeres

Convention Director

Sponsor The IAGLCWDC
Debbie Storrs
Debbie Storrs

IAGLCWDC Vice Chairperson

Forms to sponsor The Houston Hoedown
Sponsorship Information (PDF format)

Sponsorship Application (PDF format)
You can make your sponsorship donation online here Link opens in new tab/window.

Sponsorship Levels:

Bronze Sponsorship $500 USD
Silver Sponsorship $1000 USD
Gold Sponsorship $1500 USD
Diamond Sponsorship $2000 USD
Platinum Sponsorship $5000+ USD
Copper Sponsorship — Non-Monetary/Other
How To Purchase An Ad

NOTE: Beginning in 2016 in order to save on expenses and reduce the work load required to host a hoedown in a remote city, the IAGLCWDC did not print a formal Program/Guidebook. Therefore, to verify that a Program/Guidebook is being printed for this year's hoedown, please contact Jim Chakeres prior to purchasing.

Businesses and Organizations are invited to purchased ads in the Program/Guidebook.

The Guidebook will be distributed to all weekend attendees, up to 500 or more expected, plus many local area clubs and night spots. Your target audience for advertising will be primarily gay/lesbian who like to travel and shop.

Full information regarding pricing, non-profit discounts, and how to submit your ad electronically:

Program Advertising Application (PDF format)

Applications (with payment in full) must be received no later than [15 days early] 2023.

NOTE: The information below is based on vendor space availability and prices based on the past few hoedowns. Actual availability and prices for The Houston Hoedown are subject to change. We will do our best to post final information within 3 months of the hoedown.

The Houston Hoedown will feature a vendor area each day of the event during the following times:

  • Friday, 10 am to 11 pm
  • Saturday, 9 am to 11 pm
  • Sunday, 9 am to 12 noon
The vendor hours coincide with the hours of the dance workshops during the day, plus the Friday and Saturday evening dances.

The vendor area will be outside of the ballroom where evening dances take place and adjacent to workshop classrooms.

Western wear, massage, music, arts and crafts, travel - these are all things that might appeal to convention attendees. Or you can set up an information table for your business or organization. You'll be catering to a primarily gay/lesbian audience who like to travel and shop.

Vendor Information (PDF format)

Vendor Application (PDF format)
More Info
For any additional information, please contact
Jim Chakeres
Jim Chakeres

Convention Director


Silver Sponsorship $1000 USD
Copper Sponsorship — $250 USD

34 Host Sponsors

In random order: Danny Rideout ~ Terry Chasteen ~ Kimber Keany ~ Curtis Tutt ~ Tony Labella ~ Mark Evans ~ Klint Kendrick ~ Cross The Line Dancing Houston ~ Daniel Barutta ~ Cullen Ruff ~ Daniel Craigmile ~ Rob Ollander-Krane ~ Keith Manning ~ Claude Godbout ~ Chad Graber New Mexico Dance Fiesta ~ Charlie Monroe ~ Jim Coakley ~ Lisa Coopersmith ~ Neon Boots Dancehall & Saloon ~ Eiki Yoshikawa ~ Ingu Yun ~ The LA Wranglers ~ Jim Chakeres ~ Drusilla Steele ~ Joan McDonough ~ Michael Stevens ~ Scott Roewer ~ Richard Sheftman ~ Alan Gaudet ~ Lori Boldman ~ Jose Martinez

23 Clubs Attending

In random order: The Dairyland Dancers ~ Columbus Stompers ~ Southern Country Charlotte ~ The Rocky Mountain Sway ~ Dancin' Divas ~ San Diego Coasters ~ Mavericks ~ DC Rawhides ~ Gays for Patsy ~ Club Bolo Danse Country Montreal ~ Big Easy Stompers ~ Southern Line Atlanta ~ Rainbow Ranglers Dance Club ~ Big Apple Ranch ~ Dance Ranch Palm Springs ~ Toronto Wranglers ~ The Sundance Association for Country Western Dancing ~ DC RolePlay ~ Scandalous ~ Second City Country Dance Association ~ The LA Wranglers ~ Rain Country Dance Association ~ Manhattan Mustangs