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Welcome to the official website for The Houston Hoedown!

Here you will find everything you need to know to get to the hoedown and have the best possible time while there.

Quick Links

Weekend Highlights

  • Thursday evening dancing at Neon Boots
  • Friday workshops, delegates meeting, socials, line & couples competition, dancing, exhibitions
  • Saturday workshops, socials, teams competition, dancing, exhibitions
  • Sunday brunch, general membership meeting, workshops, dancing at Neon Boots
  • For more details, check out the complete


Silver Sponsorship $1000 USD
Copper Sponsorship — $250 USD

34 Host Sponsors

In random order: Daniel Craigmile ~ Terry Chasteen ~ Ingu Yun ~ Kimber Keany ~ Alan Gaudet ~ Drusilla Steele ~ Lisa Coopersmith ~ Jose Martinez ~ Curtis Tutt ~ Rob Ollander-Krane ~ Jim Coakley ~ Richard Sheftman ~ Neon Boots Dancehall & Saloon ~ Cross The Line Dancing Houston ~ Danny Rideout ~ Claude Godbout ~ Michael Stevens ~ The LA Wranglers ~ Keith Manning ~ Joan McDonough ~ Mark Evans ~ Scott Roewer ~ Daniel Barutta ~ Jim Chakeres ~ Eiki Yoshikawa ~ Klint Kendrick ~ Cullen Ruff ~ Charlie Monroe ~ Tony Labella ~ Lori Boldman ~ Chad Graber New Mexico Dance Fiesta

23 Clubs Attending

In random order: Southern Line Atlanta ~ Dancin' Divas ~ San Diego Coasters ~ Big Easy Stompers ~ Gays for Patsy ~ Scandalous ~ Southern Country Charlotte ~ Second City Country Dance Association ~ Mavericks ~ Columbus Stompers ~ Club Bolo Danse Country Montreal ~ Manhattan Mustangs ~ Big Apple Ranch ~ Toronto Wranglers ~ The Rocky Mountain Sway ~ Rainbow Ranglers Dance Club ~ The Dairyland Dancers ~ DC Rawhides ~ The Sundance Association for Country Western Dancing ~ DC RolePlay ~ Rain Country Dance Association ~ Dance Ranch Palm Springs ~ The LA Wranglers